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Computer Dudes offers the full spectrum of computer and IT services to its customers

Computer Repair - Are your systems simply not performing up to your expectations, and are operating at much slower speeds than when originally purchased? Is your computer our of warranty and has some type of hardware failure? Has a virus invaded your computer and is causing havoc on your system? We can help.

Computer Consulting - Computer Dudes offers a wide array of IT consulting, from high end project management work to Help Desk Solutions as well as training for individuals or classes. Computer Dudes has access to some of the best trainers in the New York City Metro area. Need internet computer training? Users not able to utilize the internet sufficiently? We can help.

Web Design and Web Development - From simple personal home pages to complex business sites, Computer Dudes is equipped to handle your needs.

New Computers and Hardware - Looking to procure new equipment? Computers Dudes is not locked in to dealing with any one vendor, therefore, we can find the best pricing and availability on the products you need.

Are you looking for a job in the IT or Computing Field in the New York Metro Area or a company looking for an employee? - Computer Dudes has a full time recruiter to match potential employees with employers.

SEO service - SEO, or Search Engine Marketing has become not only huge, but also equally confusing for many company owners trying to obtain top search engine rankings. We can help your company achieve better rankings in the search engines.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve all of your computing and IT needs.


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