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Computer Dudes has been servicing the Bergen County, New Jersey and New York City Metro area for almost a decade, providing it consulting and computer services to home and mid sized businesses. Computer dudes is located in Glen Rock, New Jersey, in the heart of Bergen County, with easy access to Northen New Jersey and Manhattan. The owner, Matthew Knepper has worked with such Prestigious companies as Marsh, Fuji Bank, The New York Times, and many other high profile organizations. Computer Dudes mission is simple; quality service at a reasonable prices, and attention to details.

"In my career, I have been on both sides of the business, as I have been both the customer, and the service provider. Attention to detail, understanding your client's needs and open communication with your customer is of the utmost importance to have a lasting business relationship. My promise to all my customers is to provide them with what they NEED, while keeping an eye on future growth and technology trends. Many companies tend to get caught up with pushing the latest and greatest products on a client, without truly trying to understand their needs. We will idenfify your needs, and stand by you to complete your goals."

- Matthew Knepper, Owner

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